NAME - CLI FreeDB-driven metadata manipulator.


This program will rewrite the tags of MP3 or Vorbis files based on information from FreeDB. In order to do this, information from FreeDB must somehow be obtained. The default, interactive method requires access to a FreeDB server. The alternative requires a FreeDB file. Because of this, it should not be considered a tag editor, but a tag corrector.

The easiest mode for obtaining that FreeDB information which is implemented is using the -s option. To obtain the information which you use as an argument, go to and use their search function. When you see a disc that matches your files, copy everything on the line following the characters "ids:". Those two strings (seperated by a slash, the slash is important) uniquely identify that database record in FreeDB. I recommend pasting them directly, spaces and all, then quoting them to make them one argument. I'll get around to making it detect when it's multiple args sometime soon. (FYI: the query option is a reimplementation of the Web search in Python, for now.)

The FILE arguments should correspond to the tracks on the disc for which FreeDB information has been gathered. That is, they must be IN ORDER and COMPLETE. I'm working on removing that limitation; should be ready by next release.

Most, if not all, of the options under Indentifying and Tagging are autodetected. Therefore, they only need to be used as an override to force the program to enter the given mode.

Finally, be wary. A lot of the options and settings aren't yet implemented. If things go wrong, it'll typically throw an exception straight to the screen. Hey, it is alpha stuff.

NOTE: Many of these features are still being implemented. Give it a month.

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